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2010 Year – Learnings & Reviews

December 30, 2010

Learning from experiences can be done in either way.

+ve Learning – Learn from good things happened around you. This enhances your +ve actions or decisions.
-ve Learning – Learn from bad things happened around you. This helps to evade your -ve actions or decisions in the future.

Want success or achieve your goals in life; you should have both technical as well as personal development skills. You have to shape your mind to tackle all the hindrances in the goal path.
I have summarized few points which would be useful for readers.

Our Words
Be careful of your words when you interact or communicate with surrounding people. At any cause your words should not hurt or offend anyone. This includes your parents, sisters, brothers and close friends too.

Perhaps your situations made you react offensively, but you never know this could lead to fragile relationships. Even though they hurt you, don’t repeat the same to them. Always keep this in mind.

Think TWICE before you speak. ~ Mani


Assumption is the WORST enemy for us.

Don’t assume things either officially or personally.  Officially, it may navigate to wrong path and end up in rework. Personally, creates a bad rapport with souls around you.

Just spend time to examine and know the factual.

Be Patience
Some ugly moments might stir up anger. Try to control and be rational.

It’s better to be silent instead of uttering hurtful words.


மாற்றங்கள் மனிதர்களுக்கு தேவை. ~ மணி

Change is required for every human being. Yes, it’s hard to accept because our minds can’t accept the change easily. Also, make sure that your change doesn’t affect others and be wary of this decision.

Measure your endurance how flexible are you when conditions, circumstances change suddenly.


Leave your ego at the feet before interacting with your friends. ~ Mani

Want to be more successful in life – Remove your egos.
It’s very hard to do it, but this will give you a nice relationship between your friends.

Drive in the path of your passion or interests, put 100% efforts in interested areas. You can reach the satisfied success in your life. Don’t suppress your feelings instead express it and live your life.

Minimum settings to succeed –

Do not work on anything you are not interested in.

Adaptability is essential for everyone; you have to personalize yourself for the conditions and circumstances. Also, have the ability to respond effectively to the challenging environment.

More precisely, have to somewhat adjust your character to cope up with current situation, this would benefit in long-term.

Have the courage to face any actions in your life. Take calculated risk to go to the next level of your life. Do not panic. The more success resides in the risk parts of life.

Year-End Review
It’s time to examine what you have accomplished this year.  Self evaluate with following questions.

  • Career goals – Did I achieve my goals?
  • What I have learned?
  • What new skills/technologies I have learned?
  • Am I happy/satisfy with my current work?
  • What’s my dream – Did I make any progress to achieve?

Once completed the review, you should know yourself where you are, where you have been, where you want to go.

Have some specific goals and action steps to progress next year.

Note: I would suggest readers to add your learning to this blog as comments, in fact will benefit others.

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Wish you Happy New Year 2011.

Inspiration Book 3: The Greatness Guide

July 15, 2010

Been read a book titled The Greatness Guide by Robin Sharma.  I would call it as a Guide for Greatness rather than book. Really Robin named it well. Here I have compiled the topics which I impressed more and describing in my way.

Make Time to Think.

Nice point. Always do spend some time to think before doing/starting any activities. This will surely help to get a clear picture about your activity.

More thinking will make you less reactive.

Think about yourself – Get up early, spend some fresh morning to think about your goals, today’s action plan. If you do this continuously you will become a best utilizer of your time.

Listen Twice as much as you Speak.

You were given two ears and one mouth for a reason:

to listen twice as much as you speak.

Listen carefully before responding to people. Listening is one of the best way to honor the people and it will create a deep human connection.

Learn to say No.

Don’t say YES all the time, say NO to something which is unimportant. First know your priorities/goals and what gets to be done by you.  Surely some people around you might be unhappy. Don’t feel for that because you can’t manage all the things by saying YES to all people.

I have seen people who are working in software industries mostly saying YES to everything. This includes myself too, should change it first.

Focus + Daily Improvement + Time = Genius

It’s a formula for fundamentals of success. Understand it and your life will never be the same.

Be focused on your dreams and put consistent efforts daily, the time will come automatically and people will call you as genius. Do this experiment, you will find a difference.

Problems reveal Genius

Problems give you an opportunity to improve yourself. Don’t backslide of your problems, face it with positive attitude & energy, you will become a problem solver in both your organization and personal life.

A mistake is only a mistake if you make it twice.

Grace under Pressure.

Despite normal people, extraordinary character people solve inevitable situations differently. They use their stumbling blocks as stepping stones to greatest life.

We always have the choice to be strong and positive when things fall apart.

Love your Irritations

Nice quote from psychologist Carl Jung

Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.

Things that irritate you and make you angry are the situations help you to evolve as a good human being. Those are the steps/gifts of your growth.

Relax + More Fun = More Productivity.

More productivity/creativity comes from the moment when you are more relaxed and happy. Don’t mess up with your work all the time. Spend some time to go for walk, chat with your colleagues/friends freely, and just take a nap. This will help you to be more productive.

Two Magic Words

Thank You is the two magic word, Take a moment and thank people in your life who need to be appreciated for their support.

Good things happen to people who do good things.

I was surprised to read this line, because it’s almost similar to my dad’s quote with a subtle change.

Good things happen to people who think good things.

I will write a separate blog to thank people who are supporting in my life.

House Warming Ceremony

January 16, 2010

You are invited….:~)

House Warming Ceremony

Inspirational Book : It’s All a Matter Of ATTITUDE

April 17, 2009

I got a chance to read a book called “It’s All a Matter Of ATTITUDE” written by Justin Herald. Thanks to my friend to lend me the nice book. In my life i have never read a book like this. I can recommend every people to read this book.

Really surprised.! Because i have already followed some of the points specified in the book in my life. This was a great sync between me and this book. So i was impressed and finished the book at a great pace. Due to this my friend gifted this book to me.

I have an attitude to share my knowledge with my friends/colleagues/peoples around me, hence this blog post. Surely all the points are helpful to improve/enhance your life well.

The book has almost 50+ consolidated slogans about attitudes. But here am going to summarize the points in topic wise which will be helpful for better understanding.

Topics are

  • Positive Attitude
  • Attitude Towards Goal
  • Success Attitude
  • Winners & Losers Attitude
  • Advice
  • Leadership & Ownership

Positive Attitude

  • Positive Attitude = Positive Results.
  • I don’t have an Attitude Problem… You have a Perception Problem
    • The best way to overcome is constantly keep your own attitudes in check.
  • I don’t care how Good you are…. I’m Better!
    • Never compare yourself to others and their results.
    • You are better than the outcomes that you experience. – it just means you are constantly bettering yourself.
  • Its all about your mindset

    • If nothing worked out as u planned, you can still get back on track.
  • 100 % Attitude
    • You will achieve a lot more if you adjust your attitude.
  • If you think you can’t…… You won’t
    • Our thinking plays a huge role.
    • Our thinking will control our actions
    • Our mindset has determined our’s end result.
  • If you think you’re beaten… You are!
    • Keep your mind filled with the positive things around you.
    • Don’t think in -ve way, If u did , the minute you allow a second outcome.
  • Life’s tough… So what!
    • Have an attitude that you CAN.
  • It’s none of my business what you think of me!
    • We all need to block our ears to negative people.
    • Become bulletproof – people around you offer negativity , separate yourself from them and their comments.
  • Be Different…. Be Better.
    • Being excellent is a choice.
    • Have an attitude to try new things, and learn new things day by day.
    • Do things that you have never attempted before.
  • Self-control

    • Make sure you always control your goals, dreams and life.
  • A Positive anything is better than Negative nothing.
    • Focus on the positives and outcomes will come in front of you.
    • Being positive doesn’t mean that everything will always work out the way you plan, but it will help to keep you going in the right direction.
  • No Regrets… Not event a little one.
    • Don’t focus on what you have done wrong. Focus on what you can do right.
    • Regret – negative tone.
  • I preach what I practice.
    • Be an example to all.

Attitude Towards Goal

    • There are no excuses in life, there are no limits as to how high you can go.
  • Keep your focus on where you want to go in life.
    • Change your focus to areas that will give results sooner.
    • Focus on areas which you need to improve.

Success Attitude

  • Success is all about the journey.
    • A successful person is measured by how many times they picked themselves up. Not measured by their ultimate outcome.
  • Secrets to Success.
    • Do whatever it takes to succeed.
    • Hardwork, determination and desire.
    • What have you prepared to get where you want to go?
  • 100% Effort
    • Stay focused on your desired outcome and apply 100% effort, your dreams will become reality
  • The EDGE is not the limit….. It’s only the STARTING point.
    • Better you can concentrate on achieving all you desire
    • Enjoy yourself and all that life brings.
  • Have people around you who are enthusiastic about their own success.
    • Being positive doesn’t mean that everything will always work out the way you plan, but it will help to keep you going in the right direction.
  • Risks
    • Take risks, risks are just part of the process towards success.
  • Successful people.
    • They did not focus on obstacles.They used obstacles to make them stronger.
    • They see ‘impossible’ as ‘possible’ . Its all up to you.

Winners & Losers Attitude

  • The Game isn’t over until I win
    • Quitters never win and winners never quit (remember)
    • Life is a game – we only compete with ourselves: our thinking/goals/dreams.
  • Losing is not an option
    • Never think you are a loser, it means your goal is bit longer to achieve.
    • Its all about how you view it really.
  • Winners make it happen… Losers let it happen
    • Don’t let your life happen around you. Achieving is all about controlling the final outcome.
    • Make your successes happen. It’s really up to you.
  • Champion
    • Winners attitude will be the deciding factor.
    • Just change your thinking and start acting like a champion, your results will soon follow.
  • Professional Losers
    • They are just blaming others, blaming their past and blaming those around them.
    • To avoid this never allow your thinking stuck in ‘loser’ mode.
  • Losers says “its all about Luck
  • Losers shortcut is “Quitting“.
  • Winners do everything it takes to reach their goals.


  • Asking advice to others. (When i want your opinion, I’ll give it to you!)

    • Seek advice from those who have achieved a level of success in your desired field.

Leadership & Ownership

I have already written a blog about Leadership. Read it here

  • Leadership
    • True leaders, will always have people following them.
    • Make sure you lead them to a place they need to go.
  • Ownership
    • Own the process of your success.

Every person have both attitudes (positive & negative). It’s up to you to choose which one and proceed the life in success mode.

My first 4 wheeler driving experience.

June 16, 2008

Oops..! what a surprise., this is my first blog too. Last saturday i joined National driving school in velachery. They said my classes will begin from monday. Yeah..! This is my first day driving a car., wow what an experience. Maran is mine instructor. He taught me how to drive a car( Little confused whether he taught me to drive a car or just alphabets and numbers). Let me explain below.

First, he said “A, B, C ” showing three devices kept at the bottom of the stearing. Meanwhile i thought aha aha marupadiyum aramphichidangalada…(read it in vadivel style). He then explained A for Accelerator, B for Break, C for Clutch.

Second, showing Stearing, said numbers 12 3 6 9 .. Why this should be called in numbers.?. He replied, assume it as a clock, the device you can control the direction of your car movement.

Finally, Gear.
Left Right
1 3(Top)
2 4(Bottom)

i think its simple a rule, before changing to any gear you must go to Neutral, then move to your required gear number direction.

After all the instructions were over, he told me to gradually remove the control of the clutch, I did and now the car was moving. wow what an experience..He instructed me to shift the gears to 2, 3 and 4 .. By that time i have accelerated the car to 60 km/hr .. He yelled “slow slow slow…”
For day one you can’t drive up to 60km speed. Not good!!! Not good.!!!!
Also i changed the gear by giving full pressure like you had seen in most of the cinemas. Again he yelled “Wait wait, why are you giving that much pressure for changing the gear its not a lorry. Just gently change the gear.”
Today i drove nearly 5kms. It was a nice experience in my life.