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Hypertext Transfer Protocol

November 19, 2008

HTTP is a communication protocol. It comprises a request or response sequence which means a browser request and a server response to that. This has two streams; request & response stream.
Key elements of request stream.

  • HTTP Method – what action going to perform.
  • URL – which page going to access.
  • Form Parameters – input values

Key elements of response stream

  • Status code – value used to identify the response status.
  • context type – its an MIME type(text, HTML, xml,….) of the response content.
  • response content. – HTML page or image.

HTTP Methods

There are several HTTP methods available. Of which GET & POST methods are mostly used by web developers. Lets see what these two methods can perform.

GET Method

  • Its a simple request, asking server to GET the page.
  • Response may be HTML, JPEG, PDF, etc.
  • Non-Secure one.
  • URL length is limited one.(Maximum 255 characters allowed).

POST Method.

  • Used to send user data to server ie) giving the server what user typed in the form.
  • more powerful request.
  • request something and at the same time send form data to server.
  • secured communication.