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2010 Year – Learnings & Reviews

December 30, 2010

Learning from experiences can be done in either way.

+ve Learning – Learn from good things happened around you. This enhances your +ve actions or decisions.
-ve Learning – Learn from bad things happened around you. This helps to evade your -ve actions or decisions in the future.

Want success or achieve your goals in life; you should have both technical as well as personal development skills. You have to shape your mind to tackle all the hindrances in the goal path.
I have summarized few points which would be useful for readers.

Our Words
Be careful of your words when you interact or communicate with surrounding people. At any cause your words should not hurt or offend anyone. This includes your parents, sisters, brothers and close friends too.

Perhaps your situations made you react offensively, but you never know this could lead to fragile relationships. Even though they hurt you, don’t repeat the same to them. Always keep this in mind.

Think TWICE before you speak. ~ Mani


Assumption is the WORST enemy for us.

Don’t assume things either officially or personally.  Officially, it may navigate to wrong path and end up in rework. Personally, creates a bad rapport with souls around you.

Just spend time to examine and know the factual.

Be Patience
Some ugly moments might stir up anger. Try to control and be rational.

It’s better to be silent instead of uttering hurtful words.


மாற்றங்கள் மனிதர்களுக்கு தேவை. ~ மணி

Change is required for every human being. Yes, it’s hard to accept because our minds can’t accept the change easily. Also, make sure that your change doesn’t affect others and be wary of this decision.

Measure your endurance how flexible are you when conditions, circumstances change suddenly.


Leave your ego at the feet before interacting with your friends. ~ Mani

Want to be more successful in life – Remove your egos.
It’s very hard to do it, but this will give you a nice relationship between your friends.

Drive in the path of your passion or interests, put 100% efforts in interested areas. You can reach the satisfied success in your life. Don’t suppress your feelings instead express it and live your life.

Minimum settings to succeed –

Do not work on anything you are not interested in.

Adaptability is essential for everyone; you have to personalize yourself for the conditions and circumstances. Also, have the ability to respond effectively to the challenging environment.

More precisely, have to somewhat adjust your character to cope up with current situation, this would benefit in long-term.

Have the courage to face any actions in your life. Take calculated risk to go to the next level of your life. Do not panic. The more success resides in the risk parts of life.

Year-End Review
It’s time to examine what you have accomplished this year.  Self evaluate with following questions.

  • Career goals – Did I achieve my goals?
  • What I have learned?
  • What new skills/technologies I have learned?
  • Am I happy/satisfy with my current work?
  • What’s my dream – Did I make any progress to achieve?

Once completed the review, you should know yourself where you are, where you have been, where you want to go.

Have some specific goals and action steps to progress next year.

Note: I would suggest readers to add your learning to this blog as comments, in fact will benefit others.

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Wish you Happy New Year 2011.

Google – 10th Birthday

September 27, 2008

Google celebrates his 10th birthday today. Really a awesome one.

In 1996, Larry Page and Sergey Brin introduced a new search engine tool called BackRub. After a year(15th, sep 1997) they decided to change the tool name, that is Google – a word from Googol(a mathematical term represents 1 followed by 100 zero’s).

Now the tool really Rocks..!!

See here for more information’s about Google History and its timeline.

Now, Google has lots of web tools(Docs, Calendar, etc.,). In that Google Search is the one am using daily. Thanks to Google for introducing such a powerful search tool.