Inspirational Book : It’s All a Matter Of ATTITUDE

I got a chance to read a book called “It’s All a Matter Of ATTITUDE” written by Justin Herald. Thanks to my friend to lend me the nice book. In my life i have never read a book like this. I can recommend every people to read this book.

Really surprised.! Because i have already followed some of the points specified in the book in my life. This was a great sync between me and this book. So i was impressed and finished the book at a great pace. Due to this my friend gifted this book to me.

I have an attitude to share my knowledge with my friends/colleagues/peoples around me, hence this blog post. Surely all the points are helpful to improve/enhance your life well.

The book has almost 50+ consolidated slogans about attitudes. But here am going to summarize the points in topic wise which will be helpful for better understanding.

Topics are

  • Positive Attitude
  • Attitude Towards Goal
  • Success Attitude
  • Winners & Losers Attitude
  • Advice
  • Leadership & Ownership

Positive Attitude

  • Positive Attitude = Positive Results.
  • I don’t have an Attitude Problem… You have a Perception Problem
    • The best way to overcome is constantly keep your own attitudes in check.
  • I don’t care how Good you are…. I’m Better!
    • Never compare yourself to others and their results.
    • You are better than the outcomes that you experience. – it just means you are constantly bettering yourself.
  • Its all about your mindset

    • If nothing worked out as u planned, you can still get back on track.
  • 100 % Attitude
    • You will achieve a lot more if you adjust your attitude.
  • If you think you can’t…… You won’t
    • Our thinking plays a huge role.
    • Our thinking will control our actions
    • Our mindset has determined our’s end result.
  • If you think you’re beaten… You are!
    • Keep your mind filled with the positive things around you.
    • Don’t think in -ve way, If u did , the minute you allow a second outcome.
  • Life’s tough… So what!
    • Have an attitude that you CAN.
  • It’s none of my business what you think of me!
    • We all need to block our ears to negative people.
    • Become bulletproof – people around you offer negativity , separate yourself from them and their comments.
  • Be Different…. Be Better.
    • Being excellent is a choice.
    • Have an attitude to try new things, and learn new things day by day.
    • Do things that you have never attempted before.
  • Self-control

    • Make sure you always control your goals, dreams and life.
  • A Positive anything is better than Negative nothing.
    • Focus on the positives and outcomes will come in front of you.
    • Being positive doesn’t mean that everything will always work out the way you plan, but it will help to keep you going in the right direction.
  • No Regrets… Not event a little one.
    • Don’t focus on what you have done wrong. Focus on what you can do right.
    • Regret – negative tone.
  • I preach what I practice.
    • Be an example to all.

Attitude Towards Goal

    • There are no excuses in life, there are no limits as to how high you can go.
  • Keep your focus on where you want to go in life.
    • Change your focus to areas that will give results sooner.
    • Focus on areas which you need to improve.

Success Attitude

  • Success is all about the journey.
    • A successful person is measured by how many times they picked themselves up. Not measured by their ultimate outcome.
  • Secrets to Success.
    • Do whatever it takes to succeed.
    • Hardwork, determination and desire.
    • What have you prepared to get where you want to go?
  • 100% Effort
    • Stay focused on your desired outcome and apply 100% effort, your dreams will become reality
  • The EDGE is not the limit….. It’s only the STARTING point.
    • Better you can concentrate on achieving all you desire
    • Enjoy yourself and all that life brings.
  • Have people around you who are enthusiastic about their own success.
    • Being positive doesn’t mean that everything will always work out the way you plan, but it will help to keep you going in the right direction.
  • Risks
    • Take risks, risks are just part of the process towards success.
  • Successful people.
    • They did not focus on obstacles.They used obstacles to make them stronger.
    • They see ‘impossible’ as ‘possible’ . Its all up to you.

Winners & Losers Attitude

  • The Game isn’t over until I win
    • Quitters never win and winners never quit (remember)
    • Life is a game – we only compete with ourselves: our thinking/goals/dreams.
  • Losing is not an option
    • Never think you are a loser, it means your goal is bit longer to achieve.
    • Its all about how you view it really.
  • Winners make it happen… Losers let it happen
    • Don’t let your life happen around you. Achieving is all about controlling the final outcome.
    • Make your successes happen. It’s really up to you.
  • Champion
    • Winners attitude will be the deciding factor.
    • Just change your thinking and start acting like a champion, your results will soon follow.
  • Professional Losers
    • They are just blaming others, blaming their past and blaming those around them.
    • To avoid this never allow your thinking stuck in ‘loser’ mode.
  • Losers says “its all about Luck
  • Losers shortcut is “Quitting“.
  • Winners do everything it takes to reach their goals.


  • Asking advice to others. (When i want your opinion, I’ll give it to you!)

    • Seek advice from those who have achieved a level of success in your desired field.

Leadership & Ownership

I have already written a blog about Leadership. Read it here

  • Leadership
    • True leaders, will always have people following them.
    • Make sure you lead them to a place they need to go.
  • Ownership
    • Own the process of your success.

Every person have both attitudes (positive & negative). It’s up to you to choose which one and proceed the life in success mode.

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2 Responses to “Inspirational Book : It’s All a Matter Of ATTITUDE”

  1. Neol Says:

    Nice one dude….
    really very much inspirational and motivating…
    do keep posting such good ones….
    keep up the good work

  2. vedavathi Says:

    its really nice..
    please do keep posting such nice ones..

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