I came across this article in economic times, really nice one to read about leadership. Below are the points highlighted for a true leadership.

A true leader

  • is a person who is ready to take responsibility consciously.
  • he is ready to handle life consciously and he is not constantly dependent on the past.
  • is a person who is able to respond spontaneously to situations.
  • he is fresh in his ideas and continuously keeps himself alive.

Quality of Leadership

It comes from one’s ability to take responsibility for a particular organisation, a situation or a particular group with tremendous awareness and maturity.

Source : Leadership is state, not a status.

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One Response to “Leadership”

  1. gregdeming Says:

    Good observations! I just posted a summary of why 297 people chose to follow a leader they admired. The summary is titled “Why Leaders Get Followers” if you’re interested.

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