Remote Access to MySQL database

Scenario: running a mysql server alone in a separate machine but want to connect and access the database from other machine.

Want to remotely connect to your mysql databases. ?

Yes..! its possible, Use the below command to connect your MySQL databases from remote location.

mysql -u user_name-P port_number -h host_name

user_name – name has privilege to connect remote mysql
port_number – number in which mysql is running.
host_name – remote machine name. you can also use IpAddress instead of host name.

Before execute the above command ensure that you have privileges to access that remote mysql database.If not kindly grant permissions to access and perform sql operations on that database. Lets see the command for providing permission to remote users.

grant all on *.* to username@’host_name’

*.* – enables access to all databases of the remote mysql.

you can restrict the access by changing like this.

tablename.* – set access to table level
databasename.* – set access to database level
select on *.* – set select access to all databases.

If you need more informations about grant command, go here

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