Debugging Ajax with Firebug

Firebug is an addon of  Firefox browser. Its free and open source tool. This tool can help to debug script, ajax, edit html, css, dom in a live web page.
Firebug has an option to log the ajax requests & response. Suppose if you get any errors in ajax response you can easily identify using this tool. For instance, send an ajax request and get a response as XML. there has to be some issue in xml tags, throwing javascript error and failed to proceed further. Normally its hard to identify this issue. One way is to use javascript function alert to print the error but its cumbersome. But the Firebug tool will help you to troubleshoot the error easily & quickly.

Firebug tool enables you to see the request parameters send to the server.

For example, Form input parameters are not sending automatically to server when you submit a form through ajax. You have to manually collect and send to server. Using Firebug tool, you can see all the parameters and if it has any issues web developer can easily find it. One disadvantage is you can able to see the passwords parameter. To avoid this you must encrypt it before sending.

Firebug tool having the following features.

  • Firebug tool enables to view the web page load performance.
  • Easily find what are the images / js files are not loaded.
  • Easily edit the html, css without reload the page.
  • Execute javascripts in console.

You can get more details about firebug, visit here
Want to download the firebug use this link

If you are new to Ajax, visit here to learn ajax basics –

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