JSON Example

JSON is a subset of javascript. Its a lightweight for data representations. Lets see the example.

JSON response should be like this.

“chapters”:{”chapter1″:”Ajax Basics”, “chapter2″:”Ajax Examples”, “chapter3″:”Using JSON in Ajax”},
“chapters”:{”chapter1″:”JSON Basics”, “chapter2″:”JSON DataTypes”, “chapter3″:”JSON Examples”},
“authors”:[“orielly”,”douglas crockford”]

Code to retrieve the data from the above response.

bookobj.book1.bookname – return the value of bookname “ajax”
bookobj.book1.chapters.chapter1 – return value of chapter1 in book1 “Ajax Basics”
bookobj.book2.authors[1] – return the value of book2 author “douglas crockford”
bookobj.book2.price – this will return the price of book2. “800”

Example for execute the scripts in the JSON data.
<div id=”titleid” style=”display:none;”>Book Name</div>
<div id=”bookname”></div>
function showTitle()
document.getElementById(‘titleid’).style.display = ”;
function showData(param)
document.getElementById(‘bookname’).innerHTML = param;

JSON response.


execute the scripts using javascript eval function.

eval(obj.callmethod1); – this will execute the javascript showTitle method.
eval(obj.callmethod2); – this will execute the javascript showData method.

Are you new to JSON, pls read this first https://manikandanmv.wordpress.com/2008/10/08/json-java-script-object-notation/

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