My first 4 wheeler driving experience.

Oops..! what a surprise., this is my first blog too. Last saturday i joined National driving school in velachery. They said my classes will begin from monday. Yeah..! This is my first day driving a car., wow what an experience. Maran is mine instructor. He taught me how to drive a car( Little confused whether he taught me to drive a car or just alphabets and numbers). Let me explain below.

First, he said “A, B, C ” showing three devices kept at the bottom of the stearing. Meanwhile i thought aha aha marupadiyum aramphichidangalada…(read it in vadivel style). He then explained A for Accelerator, B for Break, C for Clutch.

Second, showing Stearing, said numbers 12 3 6 9 .. Why this should be called in numbers.?. He replied, assume it as a clock, the device you can control the direction of your car movement.

Finally, Gear.
Left Right
1 3(Top)
2 4(Bottom)

i think its simple a rule, before changing to any gear you must go to Neutral, then move to your required gear number direction.

After all the instructions were over, he told me to gradually remove the control of the clutch, I did and now the car was moving. wow what an experience..He instructed me to shift the gears to 2, 3 and 4 .. By that time i have accelerated the car to 60 km/hr .. He yelled “slow slow slow…”
For day one you can’t drive up to 60km speed. Not good!!! Not good.!!!!
Also i changed the gear by giving full pressure like you had seen in most of the cinemas. Again he yelled “Wait wait, why are you giving that much pressure for changing the gear its not a lorry. Just gently change the gear.”
Today i drove nearly 5kms. It was a nice experience in my life.

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